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Our new March special

We’re famous for our tonkotsu so now we’re trying out a paitan. Tori paitan ramen is very similar to a tonkotsu, with a creamy rich broth base, but instead of pork it’s made with the King cock. For this recipe we’ve added in some chicken feet for extra richness.

“Nibo” or “niboshi” is a dried and salted anchovy used all over japan in ramen tares (tares get added to the broth to add some extra flavour). We’ve added them to our tare, and we’ve deep fried a few as a topping. They’re a perfect snack to eat hand in hand with an ice cold beer.

This one is all us. We’ve been working on it down in our workshop and developing the right balance of flavours for something a little more on the traditional side. After all, Feb was a heavy month.


Available for eat-in and on Deliveroo – but only until 31 March.

NIBO TORI PAITAN: Bone Daddies homemade chicken broth, niboshi soy, hispi cabbage, bamboo, beansprouts, spring onion, pulled chicken, soy Clarence Court egg, fried niboshi – 13.5


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