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Kimchi Recipe

Kimchi is a Korean staple and at Bone Daddies we like ours f*cking spicy. Now we're giving you our personal rock 'n' roll recipe for this fermented spicy boy.

When we first opened Bone Daddies in Soho in 2011 we had to have some pickles  on the menu to crunch on alongside your ramen. Would you belive we started with seven different veggies on there. The team got pretty into pickling in a big way and over the year…

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daruma mask

-What’s on-

Spicy Miso Ramen 01-28 Feb

Launch on 01 February, a Bone Daddies classic is back and hotter than ever before.

Chef Loic has been mad at work as ever getting this bad boy ready. It still has the awesome miso flavour we've had in years past, but with a touch more heat.

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