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Since we opened those doors to our lively Soho ramen bar in 2012 we’ve wanted to create the best ramen in the best atmosphere. We’re real rock’n’roll and we stand by it. It’s why our ramen bars are buzzing with classic rock playlists and can get a little rowdy with the right crowd after a few beers and sakes. We wanted to change people’s perceptions of Japanese food from something exclusive and make it accessible.

To us, a great bowl of ramen starts with a great broth and we take ours seriously. We don’t just sell ramen, we make it. It takes ages, but we wouldn’t change a thing. We champion local collaborators that we know are killing the game and we pride ourselves on being a community-based ramen bar that really does give a shit.

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If you worship ramen, then Bone Daddies will feed your yen. And if you’re a first-timer, prepare for conversion. Everything works, from the pared back decoration to AC/DC blaring out of the speakers. The broth is beautiful and the service slick. In short, I’m in love.

Tom Parker Bowles

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Bone Daddies was created to rock London’s Japanese food scene, but has evolved into something so much more. We have created a group that is dedicated to amazing food with a fantastic crew and culture to back it up. Our team, our collaborators and our guests support have taken us beyond our wildest dreams.

Steve Hill, Bone Daddies MD




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We’re rock’n’roll in spirit and our ramen bar playlist can vouch for that but it goes a bit deeper than that. We were inspired by the Japanese rockabillies of the 1950s. Born out of a post-war craving for great music, peppy dancing and a force for standing up for what you believe in. They weren’t a quiet bunch, and neither are we.

Today we keep it classic and you’ll only find the best rock’n’roll jams from over 20 years ago. We’re as passionate about our music as we are about our food and we’ve taken the time to curate a soundtrack that represents the spirit of Bone Daddies in every way. Don’t be afraid to have a boogie either, we certainly ain’t.

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Bone Daddies is a fast-paced environment for people who give a shit and take pride in what they do. We've served up epic noodles with a side of no bullshit since day one. It’s all about the vibe, quality of our food and our awesome crew who make it happen.

Fran, Head of Ramen


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