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kanji red
An OG ramen, born out of post-war Korea, struggling with supply and using food that was easy to get hold of and that most folks had in their homes already. Based on Budae jjigae or Korean Army Stew that made use of leftover food in U.S. army bases like SPAM and hotdogs.

This is a Chef Tom-san original, created back in 2019 after a visit to Tokyo where he tried his first and was intrigued and delighted by the weird but decidedly f*cking tasty ramen.

Traditionally made with instant ramen, we’ve turned our wet noods crispy and we’re pouring your broth table-side, because why the hell not? All that in a sweet, sour kimchi chicken broth made by hand by us and only us.

Available until 30 November

KOREAN ARMY RAMEN : Bone Daddies homemade chicken broth with kimchi, hot dog, SPAM, American cheese, Clarence Court egg, spring onion and crispy Tokyo noodles.


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