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Five times we loved the inclusion of ramen in our favourite media

When it comes to ramen representation, you could say we are experts and we love seeing it in some of our favourite shows, films and games. There is no question that broth and noodles have inserted themselves into pop culture in a big way in the last 30 years. So we decided to explore five ways ramen has found itself in front of those big eyes of yours (because seeing food on screen should make you hungry!)


We admit usually Dragon Ball has us screaming “KAM-EH-HA-ME…HAAA!!!” (pose included) but in this iconic scene from the most recent iteration of the evergreen anime (Dragon Ball Super) our favourite Saiyan Prince has been tasked by his future mentor “Whis the Angel” to create the ultimate rice omelet dish to convince Whis that he is deserving of his divine training. What ensues is one of the funniest moments in perhaps Dragon Ball PERIOD with Vegeta hopelessly attempting to create something special as he shows just how hopeless of a cook he is. It’s only when he realises his wife Bulma (Imagine female steve jobs with blue hair and big eyes) hasn’t shared that it’s INSTANT RAMEN that is the greatest dish on planet earth (and her favourite too) which to her chagrin, does enough to ensure the prince get’s his much desired training in space! Praise Ramen!



Yes even Walter White can’t help but cooking up some Crystal Meth Ramen, when meeting up with his former partner Elliot of Grey Industries. During the scene, Walt offers Elliot a pack of ramen as a token of the tough times they endured (Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad!) during one of Elliots parties and remarks just how much instant ramen the two ate during their early years. It’s important to note that this scene was pivotal in highlighting the disparity between the two former partners and fundamental in Walter becoming the badass known as Heisenburg by the end of the series, as the resentment from this scene was a clear indication  that he was a bit uspet at just how far apart the two former lab assistants had become.



Snake? Snake? SNAKE!!!!!! Everyones favourite solider Naked Snake (the future Big Boss) even has a hankering for noodz in on his mission to save America from “A NEW METAL GEAR?!?!?” Despite being in the heart of russia, Snake is still able to find ramen on his travels with relative ease. Snake meets up with EVA (aka Big Momma – Spoilers!) to discuss the on-going situation only to segway into one of many golden lines from the game “The food of the future. A well-balanced meal for the space age. It’s good to eat some real food once in a while. I’ll bet if I kissed you, you’d taste like a wild animal” We might just use that one on a future social media caption.



With the recent release of “The Legendary Edition” of everyones favourite sci-fi epic, what better way to talk about how wet noodles permeate the existence of this alien landscape. During your visits to the Citadel (homebase for all things N7) you are greeted by one of the many chefs in the space station remarking  that ramen is in-fact now a delicacy on Earth! A DELICACY? I mean for us, that might be the case but clearly things have changed in the two thousand years between modern day and when the trilogy is set. Did you know you can also get unique interactions from your team mates from visiting the chef in the Citadel? Your squad have pretty mixed opinions on ramen but that’s just like real life ain’t it.



Ah yes, the master Hayao Miyazaki, we couldn’t do a list about ramen in popular culture without leaving this dude out! Perhaps his greatest example of Ramen is in Ponyo, when Sōsuke and her mother introduce Ponyo to ramen for the very first time! During the scene Sōsuke’s mother asks the pair to wait for their ramen to be made much to the impatience of the two. Ponyo having to close her eyes just so she can handle the wait! Of course once the ramen is ready Ponyo decides to eat her pork without hesitation or regard for it’s steaming heat (we feel you on that one) and is by far one of the cutest examples of noodles maybe in HISTORY.



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