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The Buffalo Ramen is BACK – created with our mates at Coqfighter. Available 'til 31 August.


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Bone at home with ramen and buns delivered to your door through Deliveroo.

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Every month we drop a hot new ramen. Either working with some of the biggest players on the food scene, or experimenting with epic flavors in our very own workshop kitchen with Executive Chef Tom Moxon. Chow one down - you won’t regret it.


The cheaper way to bone at home. Order online, collect at the bar and skip the delivery fee.

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We opened the first Bone Daddies ramen joint back in 2012 on Peter St in Soho. London. Serving up hot homemade broth, fit noodles and fried chicken. We’ve grown a bit since then but what we’re all about hasn’t changed at all – real Rock ‘n’ Roll ramen.

We keep it honest and make our food from scratch to ensure it’s the highest quality – we don’t compromise on that, ever. We make our 20hr homemade ramen broths over in Bermondsey, so we know every bowl is going to smack you in the mouth with flavour and hit that best ramen spot.

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& Popular Dishes


Charred pork belly, pork mince, chilli, chilli oil, spring onion, bamboo, beansprouts + half soy egg


Chasu pork + corn


Charred chashu, charred spring onion, lemon, black + white pepper, bamboo, beansprouts, half soy egg + noodles

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If you worship ramen, then Bone Daddies will feed your yen. And if you’re a first-timer, prepare for conversion. Everything works, from the pared back decoration to AC/DC blaring out of the speakers. The broth is beautiful and the service slick. In short, I’m in love

Tom Parker Bowels for Olive Magazine

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My go-to to get my ramen fix! Went tonkotsu original this time but pork pork chilli is my fave!! The bao are not to miss, ohhhh and the pork bones (ribs) - heavenly!!

This restaurant is no doubt one of the finest place in the area. Whenever I come there I am extremely happy. They preserve their very high standard service and the highest level of cooking they serve. You always win with this restaurant. Very recommended.

Wanted to eat Ramen and we got more than we hoped for. Fantastic atmosphere, very good and friendly stuff. Food is amazing! Definitely coming back to this place next time in London.?


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The Japanese pop-up turned permanent in the heart of London’s Soho. Be sure to get their “best pudding in London” the Kinako French Toast.

Shack Fuyu

Flesh & Buns

Driven by a desire to deliver memorable, standout Japanese-inspired feasting food in Mayfair & Covent Garden, London.

Flesh & Buns


Japanese inspired recipe favourites curated by Bone Daddies’ food team and ready for you to enjoy at home

  • Kimchi Recipe

    How to make spicy Kimchi the Bone Daddies way

    View recipe here

  • Soft Soy Egg Over Ramen

    Soy Marinated Eggs

    The most simple and most essential ramen topping.

    View recipe here

  • Korean Fried Chicken Wings

    Bone Daddies Korean wings are a menu staple that have been here since the very beginning. They're sweet, sticky, spicy and very-well loved by guests and crew alike.

    View recipe here

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