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Rock N' Ramen Playlist - WB 19th April

Welcome to our Rock N’ Ramen Playlist!

As you know, we take our music as seriously as our ramen. Trust us, when we say we’ve probably listened to more rock than we’ve made litres of broth (okay…It’s close). So we wanted to give you lot an awesome rock Spotify playlist which we’ll update every two weeks, with some of our favourite modern/classic tracks across the genre of rock.

Our gift to you, 30 songs on a Spotify curated playlist that will be the rhythm to your day or the music you enjoy whilst chowing down on a bao or two or slurping up a bowl of ramen. Whatever way you decide to listen, we hope you enjoy!

This week we’ve got everything from Metallica to Mad Season, Fishbone to Fleetwood Mac and more favourites you’ve potentially never heard before.

Let us know what you think and see you soon for a hot bowl of ramen in London.



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