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You’ve never had Wagyu like this before… From March to April, we’re teaming up with the smoking geniuses at Hotbox to create the Wagyu Brisket Ramen.

If that wasn’t meaty enough – there’s a bun on the menu too.

Hotbox London is known for its unique and innovative approach to barbecue cuisine, with a varied menu of smoked and grilled dishes, and a focus on high-quality ethically-sourced ingredients and bold flavours.

One of the standout features of Hotbox is its commitment to using traditional smoking techniques, which infuse the dishes with a distinct smoky flavour.

Bone Daddies Ramen Wagyu Beef

Smoke is their bread-and-butter, and we’re taking advantage of it for this collab.

The ramen features Bone Daddies’ homemade beef BBQ broth and smoked Wagyu brisket, with chimichurri, pickled onion and jalepenos – served up with beansprouts, noods and a pink pickled half egg.

The bun marries smoky beef brisket with fresh chimichurri, pickled cucumber, and chilli – with sesame and sweetness from a plum soy BBQ sauce.

Lewis Spencer, Hotbox’s founding Head Chef, helped create both dishes. Lewis moved to France to train and work in fine dining, before returning to London as the owner of the independent Duchess pub in Battersea. The pub gave him the opportunity to explore his own menus, with a focus on hot and cold smoked meats as an integral part of his dishes. In 2012 Lewis was brought on board to help create HOTBOX, from the initial concept to the launch of their East London BBQ joint.

We’ve got a decade of experience slinging noods and making ramen, and Hotbox have a decade of experience smoking – this is going to be big.


Wagyu Brisket Ramen

Bone Daddies homemade beef BBQ broth, smoked Wagyu brisket, chimichurri, pickled onion, jalapeno, beansprouts, noodles and pink pickled half egg.



Wagyu Brisket Bao

Smoked Wagyu brisket, chimichurri, pickled cucumber + chilli, plum soy BBQ sauce and sesame.



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