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This one is just for April

This month we’re going huge with our good mate Jay to create something we’ve never seen before. Enter the Reuben Ramen.

The Reuben sandwich is a classic American snack featured heavily around New York with its heritage rooted in traditional Jewish delis. It’s been a dish we’ve been inspired by for a long time. Mamma Pastrama is a newly opened sandwich bar in Soho driven in full force by chef Jay Morjaria and we’ve worked together to recreate a ramen you ain’t forgetting any time soon.

Jay was a chef in Korea and Japan and always wanted to open his own sando shop, Mamma P is just that. Just off Carnaby Street Mamma Pastrama are serving up classic pastrami sandwiches, some with a familiar Asian twist. This ramen uses our beef broth to pack in a pastrami punch and for the first time ever, we’ve created our own noodle. This bowl deserves it.

REUBEN RAMEN: Bone Daddies homemade beef broth, sauerkraut, raclette cheese, Mamma P dressing, dill pickle salsa, sesame spice, rye bread croutons, Mamma P’s pastrami and Bone Daddies recipe marbled rye noodles – 14.5


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