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Softshell prawns and big Singaporean flavours combine for our latest collab – available ‘til 30 June


Our latest collab is a Laksa Ramen, a vibrant and fresh combination you’ll want to slurp all Spring – created with our mates at Old Chang Kee.

The first Old Chang Kee curry puff was made back in 1956, at a humble street stall in Singapore, and the family-run business has grown to over 100 spots in Southeast Asia and Australia.

Sandra was born in Singapore but moved to London in her 20s. She started Old Chang Kee in London after finding authentic grab-and-go Singaporean food hard to come by – and is now known as “the curry puff woman”. Old Chang Kee are in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia, with more spots coming soon.




The stars of this ramen are the softshell prawns and the Bone Daddies + Old Chang Kee Laksa broth, which combine with rau ram, lime, nori, half soy egg, beansprouts, spring onion and Sapporo noodles.

Mega shellfish fan? We’ve also got crispy softshell crab you can add to your ramen, served up with lime and Old Chang Kee sambal.

Ramen Laksa Bone Daddies Special




Don’t say we don’t treat you – because this collab works both ways! Old Chang Kee are borrowing some classic Bone Daddies flavours for a brand new Curry Puff.

Singapore’s unique take on a pasty, pie, or empanada – Curry Puffs are crimped, buttery pastry filled with meat, potatoes and aromatic curry spices. The exact combo of spices that make Old Chang Kee’s curry puffs are so secret, they’re locked in a bank vault in Singapore.

We’ve also been sharing the love – and our Katsu Chicken Bao recipe. The result is an exclusive Katsu Chicken Curry Puff – also available until the end of June at Old Chang Kee Fitzrovia and Covent Garden.

Chicken Katsu Curry Puff
Chicken katsu balls and Bone Daddies curry, in a puff! 




Make sure you get down to your local ramen bar to try the Laksa Ramen this Spring, and swing Old Chang Kee for a curry puff to take home.

Bone Daddies Soho -> Old Chang Kee Goodge Steet
Ten-minute walk

Bone Daddies Leicester Square -> Old Chang Kee Covent Garden
Four-minute walk


Made with Bone Daddies + Old Chang Kee Laksa broth, softshell prawns, rau ram, lime, nori, half soy egg, beansprouts, spring onion + Sapporo noodles

With lime and Old Chang Kee sambal




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